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BonsaïMoney podcast

We’re happy to announce a significant increase in podcast plays: we broke the 1,000 mark within the first half of this year!

Our growing library of accessible, engaging financial literacy content for young people has clearly delivered on its aims, with the majority of podcast plays on any given day coming from previous episodes, rather than the episode published that day. This listening pattern suggests people search our podcasts for the content they need, which was our original intention in creating a high volume of short podcasts across a range of topics, rather than following a more traditional podcast release schedule.

Social media for the podcast continues to bring in traffic, with 358 followers in total. Our social media audience is important and we’re going to keep investing in social channels.


podcast plays in the first six months of 2023

Top performing podcast content

  1. Learning from money mistakes (December 2022)
  2. Bourse (November 2022)
  3. Inflation (September 2022)
  4. Cutting expenses (August 2022)
  5. Choosing a Savings Account (May 2022)

Written content

As part of our multi-modal content strategy, we publish written content to supplement the BonsaïMoney podcast.

Since November 2022, we’ve published blog posts on the money sayings we covered in Season 2; a financial survival checklist for students; debt; Buy Now Pay Later; and the so-called cost of living crisis.

Audience figures for the written content reveal huge popularity: between them, the blog posts have collected 11,439 page views since November 2022.

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