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Four Minutes in Fundraising Podcast

Your essential resource on Fundraising, in only 4 minutes

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Hello and Welcome to Four Minutes in Fundraising.
Your essential resource for Fundraising in only 4 minutes!

My name is AmickyCarol Akiwumi and I host this weekly podcast as part of Money4YOU’s AVOCADO+ Accelerator programme. AVOCADO+ is a year-long programme, designed to improve the Sustainability, Fundraising Capabilities and Leadership of UK registered charities and social enterprises. The only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, the primary focus is on supporting organisations led by people from Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities. My team and I know that these organisations face numerous unique challenges; often it takes many years to gain momentum and build capacity in spite of the great needs they are meeting.

The aim of the podcast is to make the principles and techniques of fundraising more accessible to all charities no matter their size or expertise, in bite size chunks that make for a more effective learning and implementation process. More than ever, third sector organisations face ever increasing demand for their services at a time that we are witnessing a consistent downward trend in people giving to charity according to CAF’s UK Giving 2019 report. Additionally, 3 in 10 charities face increased uncertainty about funding whilst those working in disadvantaged and marginalised communities are most affected by the simultaneous increase in competition for voluntary income.

We believe that fundraising is the essential backbone for every charitable organisation. We want to disrupt the cycle of “doing so much with so little” particularly for smaller charities without the capacity or resource to engage with it properly. This mode of operation is ultimately unsustainable and results in closures which affects not just their service users, but society as a whole.

Our hope is that with the knowledge acquired from 4 minutes in Fundraising, we will create a movement that inspires our listeners to transform their communities by applying what they hear. Whether you’re an expert or you’re just starting out, we hope that this will be an essential weekly resource or refresher for you. I will share my top tips and bring you interviews from fellow #WorldChangers from around the world: people who have achieved wonderful things in fundraising. I will also bring you teaching on essential topics such as: fundraising strategy, using social media for impact, making a case for support, crowdfunding and winning at grants. We will also be sharing bonus information, here, on our website (or via and we can be found on social media @FundraisingPod (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Knowledge is power and excellent fundraising truly can create a better world for everyone. This podcast makes Fundraising accessible to everyone, every week, in only 4 minutes.

AmickyCarol Akiwumi MBE is a Social Entrepreneur, Consultant, Trainer and Proud Fundraiser. She is the CEO and founder of Money4You, an organisation that tackles inequality by teaching people how to make money, helping organisations to raise funds and supporting everyone to make the most of their resources. Carol is a Fellow and the Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, was Chair of Black Fundraisers UK (from 2012 – 2107) and works with Grant makers to support organisations and fundraisers from disadvantaged communities.

Four Minutes in Fundraising podcast launched on September 30, 2019 and new episodes are released on Mondays.


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