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Money4YOU is set to transform the UK charity sector with Dragons Den 2023. The groundbreaking event aims to allocate an unprecedented £200,000 in grants to BAMER-led non-profits, prototyping pathways to redress historic power imbalances and create a wave of change. On 20th October 2023, the power to award grants will rest with those who work to build and transform communities. Here’s how Money4YOU is redefining charitable giving:

Money4YOU announced today that its annual grant-making event Dragons Den will, this year, give even more grant funding to BAMER (Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, and Refugee)-led non-profits, going further than ever in prototyping pathways to redress historic power imbalances in the UK charity sector. Money4YOU’s inclusive participatory approach creates even greater space this year for people of all means to support and contribute to the impact of Dragons Den 2023 by launching a community crowdfunding campaign on 9th August 2023.

Dragons Den celebrated its tenth anniversary in October last year by distributing three £20,000 grants, two £10,000 grants, and two £5,000 grants to BAMER-led non-profit organisations.

In 2023 Money4YOU aims to co-ordinate the redistribution of £200,000 in grants, brought together via a blend of funder and community contributions. As always the awards will be decided on the night through a mix of audience voting and a panel of grant-makers. Progress towards the overall funding goal of £200,000 will be updated throughout the Dragons Den crowdfunding campaign, which will run until the end of September.

Dragons Den 2023

Money4YOU is thrilled to announce a rejuvenated focus on participatory grant-making, paving the way for innovative and inclusive methods of value exchange for meaningful societal impact. Through this new approach, Money4YOU strives to redefine the funding landscape by centering the voices and needs of minoritised communities in the decision-making process, thereby reclaiming ‘skin in the game’ for people of colour and BAMER-led non-profits within our sector. By challenging outdated norms and regulations, we are fostering an environment where social justice becomes the core principle of the charitable sector. Recognising and addressing our cultural issues is a journey that our sector has only just embarked on, but through Dragons Den 2023, Money4YOU presents an innovative, inclusive blueprint upon which our wider sector can build.

“This year’s Dragons Den is a chance to be part of a powerful movement for changing the grant-making scene,” said Carol Akiwumi MBE, CEO and Founder at Money4YOU. “We have a vision in which the power to award grants rests with the amazing people who work to build and transform their own communities, not just with the trusts and foundations which have historically dominated the space. And so this year, for the very first time, we’re inviting our audience to come to the table, our table, and contribute to the funds we distribute at Dragons Den.”

“It’s really important for us to say that every contributor has an equal voice in crowdfunding, regardless of the amount of their contribution. With the support of our wonderful community, at Dragons Den, the ‘funder’ awarding grants will be a diverse collective with direct experience of the problems we’re aiming to solve. Everyone around that table has an equal part to play in directing the money we raise to where it can make the greatest impact.

“We’re excited to reveal a great deal more about this new direction for our annual event on the day—20th October this year.”

Key Details:

  • Dragons Den 2023 Event Date: 20th October 2023
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Launch: 9th August 2023
  • Crowdfunding Campaign End Date: End of September 2023
  • Funding Goal: £200,000
  • Contribution Link
  • Contact

Join Money4YOU in shaping the future of charitable giving in the UK. To learn more about Dragons Den 2023 or to stay updated on our progress, visit To contribute to the Dragons Den 2023 Crowdfunder, click here. It takes a village.

"Dragons Den 2023 is more than an event: it’s a chance to be part of a powerful movement for changing the grant-making scene." - Carol Akiwumi MBE

Money4YOU is a CIO registered in England & Wales. Charity Registration no: 1157549.