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Dragons Den 2023, looking back, was an undeniable success, and we were thrilled to have Jeff Green join us as our keynote speaker. His insights and perspectives were a highlight, inspiring our audience and further elevating our mission of fostering diverse entrepreneurship. 

Jeff’s journey, which started in India and led to his roles in investment management around the world, has shown him the business value of thinking differently. In his keynote speech, Green emphasised the importance of investing in diverse entrepreneurs, driving social investment, and focusing on financial literacy, which aligned seamlessly with our vision.  

"Engaging with diverse entrepreneurs is not just about investing in them. It is about nurturing their ideas and transforming them into profitable ventures for everyone involved. And it involves supporting them to drive social change. To this end, financial literacy is crucial. It is the stepping stone to understanding and grasping the opportunities that lie in the world of entrepreneurship."

Jeff Green

Jeff’s speech highlighted the importance of financial inclusion and literacy. Stressing the ever-widening divide between the haves and have-nots, he asserted his mission of making the cake bigger for everyone, not just the billionaires. He touched on the need for equal opportunities starting from education and insisted on the necessity of changing the face of the investment committee room to include diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

As an angel investor, Jeff is focused on investing in diverse entrepreneurs, linking it to his leadership initiative, “Balanced Boards.” His commendable work with His Royal Highness King Charles’s charity and the Mosaic Network as an awards George chair demonstrated his passion for mentoring the leaders of tomorrow. 

Jeff concluded his keynote by reiterating the importance of getting involved personally, not just financially, in making a difference in the community. He shared his upcoming podcast, “Make the Cake Bigger” or “Raising the Tide,” which he believes will further his legacy of financial literacy and inclusion. His speech ended with an engaging question and answer session with the audience clarifying various aspects of his journey and his perspective on financial literacy, social capital, and investment expectations.  

Money4YOU looks forward to carrying this momentum forward into our future endeavours, investing in diverse minds, and driving meaningful change. 

Money4YOU is a CIO registered in England & Wales. Charity Registration no: 1157549.