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The diversity data gap in charitable funding and governance

Research conducted January 2022-November 2023


In 2020, as the covid-19 pandemic began to hit communities of colour and community organisations disproportionally hard, Money4YOU received more and more calls for help. As we expanded our services, we began to wonder: How many organisations could we reach?  Or, a more basic question: How many non-profits led by people of colour sustainably operate in the UK? We quickly discovered there was little relevant data. The same data gap inhibits a range of questions, including evaluations of important board diversity initiatives. So, in January 2022, we launched #OperationTransparency: a call to the Charity Commission to make diversity and equalities data part of the Register of Charities. 

Campaign Focus

Alongside our campaigning work, this report asks a set of specific questions, targeted at various aspects of discrimination in the sector, with a particular focus on racism. We focused on several specific modes: representation and transparency around diversity in the Charity Commission’s workforce and senior leadership; funding parity for organisations led by people of colour; the inclusion of lived experience in senior leadership at the UK’s largest and most influential charities; and the regulation and enforcement of equality duties.
This report attempts to go some way to furthering transparency, but the rest of the journey is yet to come.   

Campaign Report

Read the executive summary and recommendations here.

Check out the full report here.

For accessibility, you can read the report in a text-only, unformatted version here.

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