#BootCamp: Bid Writing Techniques: Six Thinking Hats and Mastering Brevity (11/03/22)

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Friday, 11th March, 10.00 am – 2:00 pm


Online (ZoomSphere)

Friday, 11th March 2022

Join us this month (10 am-2 pm) to learn about the Art of Writing Successful Applications / Bid Writing – using the Six Thinking Hats method.

In this session, we will delve into the Six Thinking Hats method by Dr Edward de Bono. The premise of the method is that the human brain thinks in several distinct ways that can be deliberately challenged. 

Edward De Bono identified six distinct directions in which the brain can be challenged, which we will be covering in this #BootCamp. 

Guest Speaker: Bill Bruty

Bill has been a professional fundraiser since 1984. Over those 30 years, Bill has had the experience of every fundraising method, from direct mail,  community fundraising to raising money from companies and charitable trusts. He has been a senior manager or Director of Marketing for four national charities in the UK: Scope, BTCV, Children’s Aid Direct and  FARM-Africa.

A fundraising trainer since 1992, Bill is recognised as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable fundraisers in the UK, especially in the field of grant-seeking from charitable trusts and government bodies.

In 2012, Bill was elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising in the UK

This is FREE to those on the AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programme and subsidised for everyone from small and BAMER (black, Asian, multi-ethnic and refugee) organisations.

We know that you are facing numerous unique challenges; often it takes many years to gain momentum and build capacity in spite of the great need that you are meeting.

But rest assured you are not alone and we are here to help!



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  • Challenges and Wins
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